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March 16, 2020
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Meal Distribution Locations and Times

Effective March 17th to April 3rd

Please Note: These are landmark locations for non-congregate food distribution.  Our buses will be in these areas at these times to distribute packaged meals to our students.  The intention of using these locations is to distribute food to our students. These locations are not responsible for food distribution. ALL DISTRIBUTION WILL TAKE PLACE OUTSIDE OF SAID LOCATIONS.  


In addition to distribution, meals will be available for pick up at each high school from 8 am to 12:30 pm.

Breakfast 8 am to 11am

Lunch 11 am to 12:30 pm


Bloom Bus #1
Location Time
SPEED 11:00 am
Ashland Park 11:30 am
Jefferson School 12:00 pm
Wentworth and 13th St 12:30 pm
Jones Community Center 1:00 pm
Garfield School 1:30 pm


Bloom Bus #2
Location Time
Thornwood Apts 11:00 am
Glenwood Village Hall 11:30 pm
Glenwood Town Center 12:00 pm
Hickory Glen Park 12:30  pm
199th & Dewey Ave (Lynwood) 1:00 pm
Paradise Park & Alpine Village (Linda and Alanna Ln) 1:30 pm
Linway Estates (Ellen Dr & Penny Ln) 1:45 pm


Bloom Trail Bus #1
Location Time
Grant School 11:00 am
South Chicago Heights Village Hall 11:30 am
Steger Police Department 12:00 pm
Steger Community Center 12:30 pm
Rickover 1:00 pm
Strassburg Elementary 1:30 pm


Bloom Trail #2
Location Time
Wagoner School 11:00 am
Candlelight Village (Candlelight Dr & Torrence) 11:30 am
Weatherstone Lakes (Eagle and Sparrow Dr) 11:45 pm
Rainbow Park-Lynwood (Sandridge Dr & 207th) 12:00 pm
Medgar Evers School (Off 10th st.) 12:30 pm
Ford Heights Village Hall 1:00 pm
Cottage Grove Middle School (Off of Drexel) 1:30 pm