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Bloom Counseling Department


2020 Open House Date is February 7th from 1pm-7pm.  

 2020-2021 FAFSA will be available online.  All students planning on attending a vocational, 2 year, or 4 year college/university is required to complete a FAFSA so they can be considered for grants, scholarships and loans to help aid in paying for their college education.   

Apply for your FSA ID here-

Apply for the FAFSA here-    

FAFSA Step by Step Document


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Mrs. Monica Miller: Freshmen Counselor x2110
Mrs. Fushi Peterson: Uperclassmen  A-GL x2109
Mr. Jim Doherty: Uperclassmen  GO-N x2108
Mrs. Pamela Pugh: Uperclassmen  O-Z x2302
Mrs. Imelda Gonzalez: ELL Counselor x2112
Mrs. Julie Largen: Special Ed. A-Z x2318
Mrs. Shellie Winters: Post Secondary x2302
Social Workers:
Mr. Mike Turner: students A-J x2111
Mr. Dante Maddox: students K-Z x2115

Our Mission

The Guidance and Counseling Department of Bloom High School believes that student services are an essential part of the total school’s educational program. By partnering with parents, community, faculty and staff, we strive to positively impact the lives of our students. Our program offers comprehensive planning and guidance services addressing student career and academic goals, as well as social and personal needs. We work to provide students the opportunities to acquire the educational and social competencies necessary for their growth toward lifelong success. In addition, we work collaboratively to foster the skills necessary for our students to lead fulfilling lives as conscientious and contributing members of society.