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To keep up with Dr. Starks, she can be reached via email at [email protected].


Administrative Team:

Principal Kenyatta Starks, Ed.D.

As an effective 3-12th administrator, I am a self-described life-long learner and educator at the same time. I have the ultimate responsibility for shaping the lives of, not only the students but also adults that enter the learning community. To this end, I am always a student of observation, emphatic and active listening, and reflection. I effectively organize teams so that priorities are addressed timely and consistently. I engage in difficult discussions with staff and maintain the respect of individuals, due to the passion they demonstrate for the work of delivering quality instruction and pushing students toward academic excellence. I model and embody the mission and vision of the learning community, and hold all staff accountable for doing the same. As an excellent administrator, I am passionate about building the capacity of those charged with doing the work, and to ensure that they are supported in doing so. I push staff and students to do their best and ensure they are given the support and resources to be successful. And lastly, as an excellent administrator, one who is reflective, and able to see how their action or inaction can positively or negatively impact an entire learning community. 





Elizabeth Santiago – Assistant Principal, Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

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Kimberly Kimbrough – Assistant Principal

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