April 30, 2021
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Bloom Student of the Month is Larry Everet

Larry Everett is the Bloom High School April Student of the Month for the Rotary Club of Chicago Heights and Park Forest. Larry is a junior at Bloom and was nominated by Ms. Thomas. 

Larry has been her student for two years. He is always a polite, respectful young man, who works diligently to maintain good grades.  This year his effort and hard work has increased.  During remote learning, he has really thrived.  He completes every assignment in a timely manner.  If he does not earn the grade he desires, he asks for assistance so he can grow in knowledge.  He participates, asks questions, attends class daily, and communicates effectively. Larry is one of my highest achieving students because he puts in the time, energy, and always aims high.
Some of his other teachers said: 
“Attends always, participates consistently, is respectful  to classmates – he just displays a lot of maturity. Really good guy.” 
“He is awesome! He has grown so much in the time that I’ve known him. He is very studious. He joins class on time, is responsible when completing his work, and is confident enough to ask questions during class. Larry has always been incredibly respectful to his teachers and peers. He carries himself like a true gentleman and it has been a pleasure having him as a student for the past 2 years!”
“Larry is an active participant in class and is constantly on top of his work. He has not let the switch to remote learning stop his progress. Larry is not afraid to ask questions and is always polite and respectful in his questioning. He is an active and responsible learner and our class is a better place because he is in it. I’m glad I was able to spend the year with him.”
Please join us in congratulating Larry for his hard work this year! 



Dr. Deborah Filbin, PhD

Art and Design Education