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December 6, 2019
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Bloom State Scholars Class of 2020

Our Illinois State Scholars from the Class of 2020 have been announced.  We would like to congratulate the following students: 

Agnew, Lauryn
Bonds, Elysse
Burks Jr, Devin
Conn, Nya
Cornejo, Julio
Franklin, Cameron
Gamero, Ashley
Lopez, Tatiana
Miranda, Naomi
Morris, Caren
Obialor, Chidinma
Pyakurel, Evelyn
Ruiz, Nathaly
Sanchez, Isaac
Torres, Yuliana
Vasquez, Maria  

The specific formula that ISAC (Illinois Student Assistance Commission) uses changes every year, but it is based on a student’s unweighted GPA, class rank (if applicable), and SAT score which are all calculated at the end of junior year.